Tolliwood Oy

Tolliwood is a competent and a reliable partner whose roots go back to the year 1978 when the founding members of the company began to go around villages with a portable saw.

In 1980, the company was registered as Sievin Puutuote Ky. Soon after, the saw was no longer transported to the timber, but the timber was brought to be sawn at the company premises built in Sievi. Wood planing was also started in the early 1980s.

In 1987, a young entrepreneur of the second generation took the charge of Sievin Puutuote Ky.

 The glulam production was established in 1993 when glulam logs were still a fairly new invention in the log home industry. Soon glulam was exported to Germany and Spain.

In 2002, the company moved to Nivala Industrial Park to a modern facility specifically built for the company needs.   

In 2014, when the exports were increasing, the name Sievin Puutuote Oy was changed to Tolliwood Oy, thus honoring the history, and at the same time representing the field of business.

Nowadays, the majority of the production is exported as regular deliveries to our customers who appreciate the know-how and the tacit knowledge acquired by the long-term experience, which in turn guarantees the high quality.

Production from the 1980’s to the present day.

Our values

TOLLIWOOD Ltd strives in its production and all activities to apply economically, socially, and ecologically sustainable values. All raw material comes from Finland, mainly from our region’s certified sawmills, which are meticulous about the origin of wood and do not purchase wood from protected areas. They also aim to promote biodiversity in forest nature, reduce energy consumption, and overall take care of the environment in their operations.

suomalaista metsää


TOLLIWOOD Ltd and its management are committed to adhering to the PEFC standard in the procurement and processing of wood.


Certificate of constancy of performance